Pay Real Estate Taxes

The County can not process current year payments until after January 31.



1st Installment or Full Payment:  Must be paid to your municipality postmarked by January 31

                to be considered timely  Contact your municipality to verify payment options or see the

         newsletter included in your tax bill.

                      To contact your municpality, click on the colored municipality link above.

           (Do not use the credit card option on the bottom of this screen-it is for delinquent or 2nd installments only)


  • City of Merrill collects all monthly installments through June 30th. (for Current year only)
  • If ANY installment is not paid timely, the entire unpaid balance is delinquent and subject to interest and penalty charges retroactive to February 1st.  
  • Lincoln County DOES NOT collect any 1st installments or full payment of current year taxes.  If that payment is sent to the Lincoln County Treasurer we cannot guarantee when or if your check will be sent to the municipality and could compromise a timely payment.
  • Most municipalities DO NOT accept credit/debit card payments. 


                      We urge tax payers to mail payments early to avoid any discrepancies.  Please include your phone number on your check.



2nd Installment of Real Estate Taxes (beginning February 1st) are payable to Lincoln County Treasurer

  • Due on or before July 31st and payable to the Lincoln County Treasurer. (postmark by July 31 to be considered timely)
  • Include your payment coupons or PARCEL/PIN numbers with payment and a phone number.
  • If you are requesting a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Postponed real estate taxes in Lincoln County Townships and City of Tomahawk are due on or before July 31st. Postponed taxes not paid on time are subject to interest and penalty of 1.5% per month, retroactive to February 1st. (Example: If your current year taxes are delinquent in August, your interest is 10.5%, September interest would be 12%, etc. on the unpaid amount.) Please contact this office for the payoff amount.
  • Mail your payment early to make sure the U.S. Postal Service postmark is timely.  We accept this postmark as proof of a timely payment. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the tax bill and applicable late fees.
  • Delinquent real estate tax payments are made to the Lincoln County Treasurer.


There are Three Ways to Pay your 2nd installment or delinquent taxes

  •  Pay by mail with check : Make check payable to Lincoln County Treasurer

                   Lincoln County Treasurer

                   801 N Sales St, Ste 204

                   Merrill WI 54452-1632

  • Drop Box is located near North Entrance on the building.  Any payment put in the drop box after close of business that day will be considered as the next day transaction.


  • In person at the Lincoln County Service Center, 801 N Sales St – Upper level.  (building hours have changed)


  • Delinquent or 2nd installment of real estate taxes, Pay on-line with e-check or debit/credit card. Please note there are additional charges when you pay electronically by clicking on the following link---     -------if you need assistance, call  1-888-604-7888 

          payments accepted ONLY on 2nd installment or delinquent parcels to Lincoln County. Not the current year.

        Have your parcel ID available (which is on your tax bill).