******To view a tax bill, click on PROPERTY TAX RECORDS tab***** 


The mission of the Lincoln County Treasurers Office is to administer the collection of taxes and any related items designated by law and comply with all rules and policies of the County Board, pertinent to the office.  The County Treasurer's office is thought of as the keeper of county funds and the tax collector.

The County Treasurer, Robbin Gigl, reminds taxpayers that property tax bills will be mailed in mid December by your municipality and is the responsibility of all taxpayers to make a payment by the end of January.  If you do not receive your tax bill by please contact your municipal treasurer to get a copy and verify the mailing address on file for your property.  Review your tax bill when it arrives, making a note that the first installment is due by Jan. 31 and is paid to your city or town treasurer.

In order to avoid additional interest and penalty, and losing the option to pay in installments, it is essential that you pay at least the full amount of the first installment by Jan. 31 to your municipal treasurer.  If you are unable to pay the full amount, you should pay as much as you are able by Jan. 31 to reduce the amount you will be charged in interest and penalty.

While reviewing your tax bill, check to see if you are receiving the lottery credit.  Individuals are allowed to have the lottery credit applied to their primary residence.  People cannot have more than one primary residence. (see lottery credit section located to the left)

Before heading to you municipality to pay in-person, contact your municipality to see if in-person payments are being accepted.

It is strongly recommended that people consider mailing in their payments early to avoid delay in processing your payment.  Include your phone number on your check. 


The County Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities are defined by Wisconsin State Statutes and rules and policies set by the County Board.  Those duties include:


  • Improve office functions to provide excellence in customer service to both internal and external customers
  • Look at ways to provide an even higher level of customer service to the citizens of Lincoln County



  • Receiving and receipting deposits on a daily basis from all departments within the county and from the public
  • Keeping true and accurate financial records of funds processed by the Treasurer’s office
  • Maintain bank accounts and monthly balancing
  • Administers property tax laws, collects all postponed and delinquent real estate taxes, completes the annual tax settlement with each of the county's municipalities and with the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Distributes said taxes to appropriate municipalities and school districts and maintains accurate records of those collections
  • Provides State Treasurer, Department of Revenue and other agencies with required statements and reports
  • State Statutes assign the Treasurer the responsibility of administering many statewide programs such as the Lottery and Gaming Credit and Unclaimed Funds
  • Invests all available county funds which involves selecting investments that maintain the security of county while achieving maximum returns within guidelines set by the County Board, State Statutes and County policy


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