Make a Payment

The law requires that all payments are made through the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF). While most child support is collected through income withholding, there are other ways of making payments. These tools can be helpful if you are self-employed, between jobs, or if you want to pay extra toward your past-due support. 

Various options for submitting a payment include:

  • Income withholding
  • Mailing payments to the WI SCTF (Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund)
  • Pay by phone
  • Pay Online
  • Pay with Cash or Credit/Debit Card using Moneygram
  • In person - The Lincoln County Child Support Agency will also accept your payment in the office and forward to WI SCTF. (There is also a drop-box located near the building entry for 24-hour drop-off services.)


Further information regarding payment methods.