Sheriff’s Office


 Welcome to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office 

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is located at 1104 E 1st St, Merrill, WI 54452.  Patrol Deputies are responsible for patrolling all portions of Lincoln County. Dispatch provides services to LISO, Merrill PD, Tomahawk PD on overnights and weekends and handles all 911 calls county-wide. Additional agencies dispatched include Fire Departments of Corning, Merrill, Pine River, Russell and Tomahawk. EMS: Merrill EMS, Tomahawk EMS, Corning First Responders, Pine River First Responders Russell First Responders. In 2017 the dispatch center handled 22,053 calls for service.

 In order to reach the entire county through ever-changing weather conditions, the Sheriff’s Office uses sedans as well as four wheel drive SUV’s for patrol work. Each patrol unit is equipped with mobile data computer that provides call information, and digital mapping of the entire county. The Rec. Deputy is equipped with a four-wheel drive pickup truck, an ATV, a rescue sled, a boat and diving equipment. The SRT Team utilizes a mobile command trailer and four-wheel drive pickup truck to tow it along with a Bear Cat rescue vehicle which was newly obtained thanks to a grant from the Bierman Family Foundation.

We endeavor to recruit new employees who have the best training and experience. Members of the Sheriff’s Office who through their job performance or interest in a field may go on for additional training or assignments including DARE Officers, SRT Members, Investigators, Drug Unit, EVOC Instructor, traffic safety specialist, field training officers, firearms instructor, honor guard, or other unit specific training. 

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office employees strive to serve the community through effective and professional law enforcement. We recognize that we must always have the public’s trust in order to truly be effective. Historically we have been able to use our proactive approach to reduce fatal crashes by using a variety of enforcement tools including removing impaired and aggressive drivers from the roadway. Our drug unit continues to diligently and aggressively address the manufacture and sales of illegal drugs in Lincoln County.

With strong leadership and a determined group of employees this agency continues to provide effective response and handling of incidents through the county as we work with fellow emergency service agencies and the public to provide a safe and secure environment to live, work and play.