Minor Guardianship


Minor Guardianships are governed by Section 48.9795 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

There are four different types of minor guardianships to choose from based upon your particular situation.

  • Emergency Guardianship of Minor
  • Temporary Guardianship of Minor
  • Limited Guardianship of Minor
  • Full Guardianship Minor

There is a fourth type of minor guardianship procedure:  Guardianship of the Estate of a Minor.  Guardianship of the Estate of a Minor is a procedure governed by Chapter 54 of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

Below you will find a Guideline for each of the different types of guardianship procedures.  These Guidelines set forth the court process and forms required to be filed to commence an action.  All of the forms referenced in the guidelines can be found on the Wisconsin Court System Website.