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This site provides information regarding land ownership, assessments and property taxes.  If you cannot locate the information you are searching for, please direct questions regarding land ownership and assessments to the Real Property Lister at 715-539-1055, and questions regarding property taxes to the County Treasurer at 715-539-1067.  For information about the assessment process, please review Wisconsin Guide For Property Owners at


We highly recommend that you search using the Parcel ID or the Street Information (not both).  

Parcel ID:  Do NOT include dashes  (ex. 25131061820100)


Street Number:  Include the letter before the numbers if applicable (ex. N5569).  Do NOT include the street name in this field.
Street Name:  Begin typing the street name and let the system auto generate potential results.  Select from the options that generate to ensure proper formatting.  Do NOT include the street number in this field.