Land Use Permits

A land use permit is required from the Zoning Administrator in the following instances:

  • Before any structure, as defined in Section 17.1.14 and/or Section 21.18, is erected, affixed, moved, or structurally altered to increase its floor area.
  • Before the commencement of any structural modification or structural repair of an existing nonconforming structure, or to a structure housing a nonconforming use.
  • Before the commencement of any ditching, lagooning, dredging, filling, grading as per Chapter 21 of the Lincoln County Code of Ordinances, paving, excavation, drilling, or deposition or extraction of earthen materials in the shoreland zone.
  • Before any on-site waste treatment system is constructed or structurally altered, per the requirements of Chapter 22. The Zoning Administrator shall issue a sanitary permit instead of a land use permit in such instances.

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