Information Technology

Mission Statement

The Information Technology Department will incorporate customer service, collaboration, research and development, training, continued education, and partnerships to deliver and support constructive, economical, reliable, and secure technology solutions for its stakeholders in all Lincoln County departments, public and private partners, and contracted organizations. These solutions and services are critical to achieving Lincoln County’s mission.

Services Provided

  • We provide customer support to all stakeholders in their effective utilization of technology solutions and services. 
  • We provide training and continued education opportunities for all stakeholders on technology solutions and services.
  • We support all stakeholders in the research, development, selection, configuration, installation, integration, support, and maintenance of technology solutions and services. These technologies include, but are not limited to the following: business applications and software, cloud hosted services and applications, workstations and peripherals, Internet access, server infrastructure, network infrastructure, security infrastructure, telephony infrastructure, printers and scanners, audio/video equipment, and data backup and disaster recovery infrastructure.
  • We build, maintain, and leverage strategic partnerships to achieve objectives in accordance with the mission.
  • We provide effective vendor management and purchasing of technology solutions and services.
  • We develop and update policies and procedures regarding the acceptable, effective, and secure use of technology solutions and services.

Performance Indicators

  • Stakeholder satisfaction and customer service experiences in regards to availability, timeliness, proper prioritization, and effective communication.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction with the effectiveness and reliability of the technology services and solutions in place.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction with the effectiveness and creativity in meeting new technology needs of stakeholders.
  • Effective management of the department’s and stakeholders’ budgets, time, technology resources, and human resources.