District Attorney

Mission Statement

To work in partnership with other stakeholders in the criminal justice system, especially law enforcement officers, probation agents, and other prosecutors, to maintain law and order in our communities to protect the public welfare while, to the extent possible, protecting the constitutional rights of individuals.

To ensure that victims and witnesses are treated with dignity, respect, courtesy and sensitivity and are afforded their rights under the law while protecting the integrity of criminal investigations and prosecutions.

To ensure that our government institutions, public officials and employees operate in accordance with the law while maintaining our public trust by partnering with other prosecutors to avoid the appearance of impropriety or partiality.

To respect the taxpayers of the county and state by operating as efficiently as possible and by weighing the costs and benefits before taking official action in order to maximize the public benefit realized from our public funds.

Services Provided

Represent the public, state, and/or county by initiating and prosecuting criminal cases or taking other official action to enforce the criminal code in our community.

Represent the public, state, and/or county in many other court proceedings and actions to maintain the public welfare or obtain a public benefit for our community.

Work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies and individual officers 24/7 by assisting with developing cases, improving policies, and providing training to ensure that laws are effectively and efficiently enforced in our community.

Work collaboratively with, and where possible participate in, local community organizations including Crime Stoppers of Lincoln County, HAVEN, Healthy Minds for Lincoln County, the Lincoln County Death Review Team and more, to take proactive steps to improve the public welfare in our community.

Provide services and assistance to victims and witnesses as required and permitted by state statutes and our constitution through the Victim/Witness Program.