Members of the Lincoln County Coroner's team

  • Valerie Caylor - Coroner
  • Scott Krause - Chief Deputy
  • Mark Heckendorf- Deputy Coroner
  • Mark Lange- Deputy Coroner

Functions of the Coroner’s Office

  • Respond to reports of death within Lincoln County.
  • Investigate all deaths related to and defined under Wisconsin Statutes 979. 
  • Sign death certificates and issue cremation permits.
  • Issue disinterment permits in the event a body needs to be exhumed. 
  • Order autopsies when no cause of death is clearly defined by investigation. 

We are a 24/7 operation.  If you need information from the Coroner, you can call 715-536-6272 and have someone called to help you.  Or you can try the Coroner directly at 715-966-3477. Any non emergent needs you can email to Valerie.Caylor [at]