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Annual Reports
2007 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report

Budget Books
2003 Budget Book
2004 Budget Book
2005 Budget Book
2006 Budget Book
2007 Budget book
2008 Budget book
2009 Budget Book
2010 Budget book
2011 Budget Book
2012 Budget Book
2013 Budget Book
2014 Budget Book
2015 Budget Book
2016 Budget Book
2017 Budget Book
2018 Budget Book
2019 Budget Book

Financial Statements
2003 Basic Financial Statements
2004 Basic Financial Statements
2005 Basic Financial Statements
2006 Basic Financial Statements
2007 Basic Financial Statements
2008 Basic Financial Statements
2009 Basic Financial Statements
2010 Basic Financial Statements
2011 Basic Financial Statements
2012 Basic Financial Statements
2013 Basic Financial Statements
2014 Basic Financial Statements
2015 Basic Financial Statements
2016 Basic Financial Statements
2017 Basic Financial Statements

Management Letter
2008 Management Letter
2009 Management Letter
2010 Management Letter
2011 Management Letter
2012 Management Letter
2013 Management Letter
2014 Management Letter
2015 Management Letter
2016 Management Letter
2017 Management Letter

Single Audit Reports
2003 Single Audit Report
2004 Single Audit Report
2005 Single Audit Report
2006 Single Audit Report
2007 Single Audit Report
2008 Single Audit Report
2009 Single Audit Report
2010 Single Audit Report
2011 Single Audit Report
2012 Single Audit Report
2013 Single Audit Report
2014 Single Audit Report
2015 Single Audit Report
2016 Single Audit Report
Lincoln County is designing a new website that will be mobile friendly, feature rich, and easy to navigate. We're looking for high quality pictures from around the County to use as background images and were hoping you could help. The best photos will be displayed on the new website’s homepage! To submit photos, please email them to kat.hartwig@co.lincoln.wi.us and let us know what area of the County they’re from. Disclaimer: By submitting a picture, you warrant that your submission is not copyrighted and consent to its use by Lincoln County.
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