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The Code of Ordinances of Lincoln County is available on our website.

Now you can electronically access local legislation governing subjects such as Zoning, Forestry, Finance, Law Enforcement, Solid Waste, Health, Social Services, Parks and Recreation, Solid Waste, Personnel Policies and General Government.

The Lincoln County Code of Ordinances is updated on a semi-annual basis. However, ordinances passed by the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors at their monthy meetings become effective by law as of the date of their publication in the official newspaper of the county. Consequently, there may exist new or amended legislation not reflected in the electronic Code until the next semi-annual update. Please direct your inquiries regarding recent legislation to the County Clerk at 715/539-1019.

Lending copies are also available at the County Clerk's office located at the Lincoln County Service Center, 801 N. Sales Street, Merrill, Wisconsin.

To view the most current update please click on the following link:

Request for Proposal - Vertical Baler https://t.co/LzSmvTn4GN
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