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Department: Solid Waste / Landfill

$41.00 a ton $10.00 minimum 500 pounds

Place in barrels

Aluminum - Beer & pop cans only – place in barrels! No tinfoil!

Place in Marked Green Rolloff Box

Tin Cans - Fruit, vegetable and soup cans. Clean, remove labels and flatten if possible.

Plastic - #1-7. Rinse and crush. No caps, bags or 5 gal pails.

Glass –Bottles Only: Clear, brown, & green: Rinse, remove caps.

Place in Marked Green Rolloff Box

Magazines, Newspaper, Office Paper, Paper Junk Mail, Hard/Soft Covered Books, Cardboard - Keep dry.

Cardboard – Corrugated & tagboard boxes, cereal, cracker, pop, beer…must be broken down and flattened.

Special Items

Batteries, Wet Cell - Car, truck, motorcycle, & snowmobile.

Batteries, Rechargeable - Power tools, Ni-Cad. Take to office.

Antifreeze – Mixed or pure, stored in containers with cap or lid. Place in wooden marked gaylord near oil tank.

Motor Oil - Engine, hydraulic, transmission & gear oil. Drain into on-site container & throw used container away!

Oil Filters - Any vehicle oil filters, bin located next to oil tank.

APPLIANCES - $10.00 (washer, dryer, stove, water heater, compactor, furnace, microwave)

CFC APPLIANCES - $20.00 each air conditioner, freezer, refrigerator, dehumidifiers

BARRELS - $3.00 each

LP TANKS - $5.00 each

METAL - $20.00 ton

TIRES - no tires mixed in with load - set on top - $3.00 each for 16" and under and $.125/lb for over 16"


ALUMINUM CANS - Empty and separate from other material.

ANTI FREEZE - Without (flush) cleaner solution. Small amount of water ok.

VEHICLE BATTERIES - No dry cell, only lead/acid.

COMPOST - (Leaves and Grass) Empty containers in designated area. No brush, pine needles or plastic bags.

MOTOR OIL - including transmission oil, hydraulic oil, and gear oil. No other liquid mixed with oil. No solvents. No commercial or industrial oil accepted.


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