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Department: Solid Waste / Landfill

The landfill uses roofing as a source material for alternate daily cover. Our plan of operation limits us in what qualifies as suitable roofing for daily cover. As such we will be rejecting loads of roofing that contain ineligible materials after July 1, 2017 and charge such loads the garbage rate (currently $59 per ton vs. $38 per ton for roofing).

To qualify as suitable roofing, loads may contain the following: Asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, tar paper, drip edge, nails, chimney brick and ridge venting.

If loads contain the following mixed in with the shingles they will be charged as garbage: paper, synthetic underlayment, rubber membrane, plastic wrappers, card board, styrofoam and other garbage, tires, tarps and wood sheathing or underlayment. Such items can be brought in and kept separate or in contractor bags and then deposited in the landfill and if they are a minor part of the load, the load will still quality as roofing.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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