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Land and Water Resource Management Plan (LWRM) - The plan identifies resources concerns of Lincoln County and oppotunities and actions to address these concerns. The plan provided funding to implement goals and objectives of the plan. The funding for cost sharing goes directly to Lincoln County landowners that implement or plan to implement conservation practices. LWRM Plan

Animal Waste Management Ordinance - In February 2001, the Lincoln County Animal Waste Ordinance was approved by the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors. An advisory committee consisting of farmers, state/federal agencies, and the Land Conservation staff developed this ordinance. The ordinance regulates the installation and closure of manure storage facilities as well as the animal waste prohibitions identified in State Statute 281.16(3). Ordinance

Wildlife Damage Program - This program covers agricultural damage done by deer, bear, geese, and turkeys. Lincoln County contracts with USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services to perform field inspections and abatement recommendations. To report agricultural damage done by wildlife contact Wildlife Services in Rhinelander at 1-800-228-1368. Click here to email

Farmland Preservation Program - This program helps local governments preserve farmland as well as provide tax relief to farmers who participate. Program participants are required to sign a contract and abide with the soil and water conservation policies. Policy

Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation - This program works to ensure that mine operators across the county follow standards for mine reclamation, provides assistance in developing mine reclamation plans, issues reclamation permits and collects annual reclamation fees, maintains proper bonding for reclamation plans, ensures the mining sites are complying with state wastewater, stormwater runoff and air emissions standards as identified in Lincoln County Code of Ordinance 12.04 Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation . The Zoning Office is responsible for siting nonmetallic mine through existing zoning processes and for regulating mine operation and works with the reclamation program to ensure seamless integration.


State Agencies:
DATCP - Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection
DNR - Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

Federal Agencies:
NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Resource Data:
Lincoln County Soil Survey

Mitchell McCarthy, Conservation Program Manager
801 N Sales Street - Suite 103
Merrill, WI 54452
Phone: (715) 539-1087
Fax: (715) 539-8325
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