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Department: Social Services

All parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. Wisconsin's child support program helps ensure that children receive the financial support they need.
The goal of this agency is to ensure child support laws are enforced and no child suffers economic hardship from the separation or divorce of parents or the lack of a paternity determination.


  • All recipients of Healthy Start, Medical Assistance, Food Stamps, or Child Care who are not married or are separated and not legally divorced, will be referred to the Child Support Agency. The Child Support Agency will monitor the divorce process and appear at any court hearings.

  • If there is a paternity issue, blood tests will be secured and the Child Support Agency will seek reimbursement by the father for any birth costs paid by Medical Assistance. Mothers who receive benefits are required to assist the Child Support Agency in identifying the father of their child and locating him.

  • If there is not an existing child support order, the Child Support Agency will attempt to obtain one.

  • A location process will be implemented to find absent parent(s) when child support payments are not being made pursuant to court order. This location process can also be implemented to locate any absent parent who takes a child from the custodial parent against court order.

  • Services are free of charge for those persons referred by the Economic Support agency. There is a charge for custodial parents who apply directly to the Child Support Agency for services.


  • The court system is the primary enforcement agency for child support.

  • Wisconsin Statutes provide for all court-ordered child support to be deducted from the absent parent's wages, including worker's compensation and unemployment.

  • The Child Support Agency is required to refer he name of any absent parent who is delinquent with child support payments to the IRS and to the state for interception of federal and/or state tax refunds or lottery winnings.

  • The Child Suport Agency is able to enforce court-ordered child support from a non-custodial parent who has left Wisconsin. Petitions will be filed with other states and foreign countries to establish and enforce payment of child support.

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