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Address Sign Posting Information - Land Services
This document contains information on posting your rural address number sign. It includes information about where and how to post your rural address number sign correctly.
Road Name Request Form - Land Services
This is the form that is needed to name road. If you need to name a road please complete this form and contact the Addressing Coordinator Land Information & Conservation Department at 801 N Sales St, Suite 105, Merrill, WI 54452.
Rural Address Number Application - Land Services
The numbering or addressing system is based on a grid with the lowest numbers begining in the southeast corner of the county. Address numbers increase in either a northerly ("N" numbers) or westerly ("W" numbers) direction. When a rural address number is requested, an application must be filled out. The applications are available in the Lincoln County Land Information Services Dept or Lincoln County Zoning Dept. They are also available online by clicking the following link.

Address Application 2017
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