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Below are resources under each health topic that you may find helpful when you would like to know more about what is happening in Lincoln County as well as Wisconsin.

Mental Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov/mentalhealth/

WI Department of Health Services: www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/hw2020/health/mentalhealth/index.htm

Mental Health America of Wisconsin: www.mhawisconsin.org/

The Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin:

The Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Strategy:

Nutrition and Healthy Foods
National Research Council released the following report: U.S. life expectancy lagging because of smoking: Obesity also cited as contributing factor.

The Epidemic of Chronic Disease in Wisconsin: This report provides useful information on the economic and human burden of chronic disease and gives you a roadmap for how you can address this growing epidemic.

Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity in Wisconsin: Illustrates the problem of overweight and obesity in Wisconsin adults and youth and describes the consequences of the problem. It also provides rates for individual health behaviors related to obesity and lists some resources that organizations and communities can use to support healthy lifestyles in Wisconsin residents.

Wisconsin Nutrition and Physical Activity State Plan: A long range planning document focusing on the best ways to be active, eat well and prevent obesity.

The Burden of Diabetes in Wisconsin:

The Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke in Wisconsin:

Oral Health
Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors

Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dental Association

Wisconsin Department of Health
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