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Zoning-Apps & Related Forms
59.692 Permit Application
For open-sided structures (<200 sq.ft. in size) located within the required setback to the water. Please see fee schedule for fee.
Board of Adjustment 2014 Meeting Schedule
Boathouse Regulations
A summary of boathouse regulations.
Conditional Use Application & Info
Please see Zoning Committee Meeting Schedule, Current fee schedule & List of Town Officials also.
Contact Numbers for Frequently Asked Questions
Erosion Control Plan
Useful information regarding erosion control. You may use this plot plan OR include the information on your Land Use Permit plot plan where erosion control measures should be utilized.
Fee Schedule (EFFECTIVE 1/1/14)
Frequently Asked Questions, Setbacks & General Information
Land Use Application
Please see fee schedule for appropriate fee and frequently asked questions for setbacks and other information. For shoreland applications please include an erosion control plan.
List of Plumbers
These are plumbers that have asked to be on our list and is not a complete list of all plumbers in the area.
List of Septic Service Providers (Pumpers)
These are service providers who have asked to be on our list and it may not be a complete list of all service providers in the area.
List of Soil Testers
These are soil testers that have asked to be on our list and it may not be a complete list of all soil testers in the area.
List of Town Officials
Contact info for Chairperson, Treasurer, Clerk & Assessor for each town.
Non-conforming Structure in Shoreland - info sheet
A summary of expansion opportunities for non-conforming structures in shoreland areas.
Outdoor Wood Furnace Information
Petition for Modification from the Subdivision Ordinance & Info
Please see Zoning Committee Meeting Schedule, Current fee schedule & List of Town Officials also.
Request for Staff On-site
Rezone - Planned Land Use change form
IF Land Use "category" change is required in addition to a Rezone. Print both this and Rezone app & info. EARLIER deadline than schedule shows will apply.
Rezone Application & Info
Please see Zoning Committee meeting schedule, current fee schedule & list of Town Officials to contact for your town. If PLAN change is required, deadline may be earlier than listed on the meeting schedule.
Rural Address application (fee effective 1/1/12)
Sanitary Non-plumbing - Privy (Outhouse) - Application and info
Permit application and info for: Outhouses, chemical toilets, incinerating toilets, portable privies, etc.
Sign Permit app & Ordinance
Soil Disturbance Permit & Info
Subdivison Application and Information. (Surveyor list below)
Please see fee schedule for appropriate fee.
Surveyor List
Variance Application & Info
Please see Board of Adjustment Meeting Schedule & current fee schedule also.
Zoning Committee 2014 Meeting Schedule

Floodplain Ordinance Amendment
Floodplain Ordinance Amendment – Olivotti Lake Dam Failure Analysis
Floodplain Ordinance Amendment
Floodplain Ordinance Amendment – Doering Dam Analysis
Lake Classification changes 3/18/08 (Map)
Lake Classifications that changed with the 3/18/08 Chapter 21 (Shoreland Ordinance) Amendments
Wetlands - DNR Guide - Waking Up To Wetlands
To access the DNR Wetland Information website please click here
Wetlands - List of Wetland Consultants in our area.
To access the Army Corp of Engineers Wetland information website please click here
Zoning District Description and Use Chart
Zoning Ordinances
To view Chapters 12.04, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22 please click here.

Zoning-Information For Plumbers
Holding Tank Documents
You will find a list of Town Officials & Service Providers under "Zoning - Apps & Related forms" to find contact info for the Holding Tank Document signatures.
HT Management Plan
Maintenance Agreement - Conventional
Maintenance Agreement - Conventional w/lift
Maintenance Agreement - Pressurized
Paperwork Requirement Table, HT Checklist & Info (EFFECTIVE 1/1/13)
POWTS Owner's Manual / Management Plan Form
Reconnect / Repair Permit form (Effective 1/1/13)
Septic Evaluation Form
State Permit Application - SBD-6398

Zoning-Shoreland Information
Information about attracting birds to your shoreland property.
Care & Handling of Bare Root Seedlings
Impervious Surfaces
An explanation of how impervious surfaces impact waterways.
Lake Classification Information
Explanation of water classification criteria.
Local Greenhouse & Nursery List
Greenhouse & Nursery list
Mitigation Explanation
An explanation of why mitigation is required and how it is applied to shoreland projects.
Native Plant list for Lincoln County Restorations
Recommended native plant species for shoreland restoration in Lincoln County. For more information regarding shoreland restoration please call our office or visit our shoreland partner's website by clicking here
Ordinance 2013-12-600
An ordinance amending the general code of the County of Lincoln Chapter 21, Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.
Planting Recommendations
Planting recommendations for successful restorations.
Preservation & Removal of Shore Cover
An explanation of regulations regarding the removal of shoreland vegetation.
Rain Gardens
A homeowner's guide for developing rain gardens.
Removing Existing Sod / Turf-grass
Recommendations for removing existing sod / turf-grass.
Shoreland Restoration - A Growing Solution

This video provides information about vegetated shoreland buffers and a step-by-step guide to restoring a shoreland buffer on your property. You may contact shoreland zoning staff for additional assistance.
Shoreline Restoration Stories
The Water's Edge
Helping fish & wildlife on your waterfront property.
Transplanting a Sapling
Information on how to best transplant saplings & shrubs.
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