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Address Sign Posting Information
This document contains information on posting your rural address number sign. It includes information about where and how to post your rural address number sign correctly.
Road Name Request Form
This is the form that is needed to name road. If you need to name a road please complete this form and contact the Addressing Coordinator Land Information & Conservation Department at 801 N Sales St, Suite 105, Merrill, WI 54452.
Rural Address Application
Lincoln County Land Services Department is responsible for all the Rural Addressing Administration for all the Municipal Towns in the County. The Land Service Department issues address permits and also maintains the data for E911 and the Sheriff Department's Dispatching system. The Rural numbering or addressing system is based on a grid with the lowest numbers begining in the southeast corner of the county. Address numbers increase in either a northerly ("N" numbers) or westerly ("W" numbers) direction. When a rural address number is requested, an application must be filled out.

Address applications are available at the Lincoln County Land Information Services Dept or Lincoln County Zoning Dept. They are also available online by clicking the following link. Rural Address Application

Land Conservation & Non-metallic Mining
2016 Farmland Preservation Plan
Approved December 20, 2016 as Ordinance 2016-12-634 by Lincoln County Board.
2017 - 2026 Land and Water Resource Management Plan
Approved January 17, 2017 with Resolution 2017-01-52 by Lincoln County Board.
Farmland Preservation Standards
These standards are applicable to all Farmland Preservation Program participants. The standards specify the soil and water conservation requirements on the land subject to a Farmland Preservation agreement.
Financial Assurance Calculator
We have provided a summary for some typical reclamation activities that may be performed at
a mine site during reclamation. The spreadsheet is based on a number of sources including
those referenced on a Wisconsin Department of Transportation Webpage. The numbers from
summary and/or the WisDOT Webpage can be used, as appropriate, to estimate the cost for
the reclamation activities included in nonmetallic mine reclamation plans or in the review of
financial assurance needs estimates.
The WisDOT estimates were obtained from bids on highways, bridges, and airports in the state
of Wisconsin.
Land Conservation Brochure
Reclamation Plans
For the Non-Metallic Mine Reclamation Plan Template, please click here.
To assist in creating your Reclamation Plan, we recommend using the Reclamation Plan Checklist, which is available here.

Land Information
GIS Custom Map Order Form
The Custom Map order form should be used when ordering maps created by Lincoln County Staff from our GIS data.
GIS Land Records Website Help
Click on the following link to open our GIS Land Records Website Help Document.

GIS Land Records Website
Land Records Modernization Plan
In 1992, Lincoln County drafted and adopted the first Land Records Modernization Plan. That document was revised in 1999, 2005, 2010, and 2015. These revisions are to carry our modernization efforts through to 2018. Specifically, we hope that this plan will provide a working document that describes records modernization projects undertaken within the county, and outline projects which should be initiated in the near future. Individual projects have been designed to increase operating efficiency and provide better service to the public. It is the goal of this Lincoln County Land Records Modernization Plan to benefit all users, public and private, that operate within and outside of Lincoln County.
Land Services Mapping Portal
Click the image below to access the Land Services Mapping Portal (LSMP)

This is a website dedicated and focused on publishing for free Lincoln County Maps and Data. This page assembles in one place many of the Land Records Applications as well as hard copy maps produced by Lincoln County, WI. You will also find an area to download some of our most popular datasets in industry standard formats. Finally we provide a Contacts page and Links page that will bring you to all the surrounding Counties GIS/LIS Mapping sites.

Geology, Lincoln County
If you want to find out more about Lincoln Counties Geology we have listed some additional Information that was produced and hosted by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey website and reproduced here for your convenience.

Zoning-Apps & Related Forms
59.692 Permit Application
For open-sided structures (<200 sq.ft. in size) located within the required setback to the water. Please see fee schedule for fee.
Board of Adjustment 2019 Meeting Schedule
Boathouse Regulations and Permits
Conditional Use Permit Application & Info
Condition Use Permit Application with supporting documents.
Contact Numbers for Frequently Asked Questions
Erosion Control Plan
Useful information regarding erosion control. You may use this plot plan OR include the information on your Land Use Permit plot plan where erosion control measures should be utilized.
Fee Schedule (EFFECTIVE 1/1/19)
Frequently Asked Questions & General Information
Land Services Committee 2019 Schedule
Land Use Application
Please see fee schedule for appropriate fee and frequently asked questions for setbacks and other information. For shoreland applications please include an erosion control plan.
Land Use Application
Setback Information
Plot Plan Drawing Example
List of Surveyors
List of Town Officials
Contact info for Chairperson, Treasurer, Clerk & Assessor for each town.
Outdoor Wood Furnace Information
Petition for Modification from the Subdivision Ordinance & Info
Please see Land Services Committee Meeting Schedule, Current fee schedule & List of Town Officials also.
Request for Staff On-site
Rezone - Planned Land Use change form
IF Land Use "category" change is required in addition to a Rezone. Print both this and Rezone app & info
Rezone Application & Info
Petition for Rezone with supporting documents.
Rural Address Application
The applications are available in the Lincoln County Land Information Services Dept or Lincoln County Zoning Dept. They are also available online by clicking the following link Rural Address Application
Setback Information 1-7-19
Shoreline & Streambank Stabilization
Instructions and Permit
Sign Permit app
Soil Disturbance Permit & Info
Subdivision Rules in a Nutshell (Effective 5/1/16)
Land Division information. Please see Subdivision Application & List of Surveyors also.
Subdivison Application
Please see fee schedule for appropriate fee.
Variance Application & Info
Please see Board of Adjustment Meeting Schedule & current fee schedule also.

Comprehensive Plan
Floodplain Ordinance Amendment
Olivotti Lake Dam Failure Analysis
Floodplain Ordinance Amendment
Doering Dam Failure Analysis
Floodplain Ordinance Amendment
Harrison Lake Dam Failure Analysis
Wetlands - DNR Guide - Waking Up To Wetlands
To access the DNR Wetland Information website please click here
Wetlands - List of Wetland Consultants in our area.
To access the Army Corp of Engineers Wetland information website please click here
Zoning District Description and Use Chart
Land Use charts broken down by each Zoning District.
To view Zoning District Dimensional standards, please click here.

Zoning-POWTS (Septic Systems)
Holding Tank Agreement
Holding Tank Management Plan
Holding Tank Servicing Contract
List of Plumbers
These are plumbers that have asked to be on our list and is not a complete list of all plumbers in the area.
List of Septic Service Providers (Pumpers)
These are service providers who have asked to be on our list and it may not be a complete list of all service providers in the area. Please confirm their credentials are current & that they will submit the maintenance information to our office.
List of Soil Testers
These are soil testers that have asked to be on our list and it may not be a complete list of all soil testers in the area.
Paperwork Requirement Table & Info
POWTS Maintenance Reporting
Website for Reporting POWTS Maintenance:

Online Maintenance User Application

How-To Documents:
Reporting Maintenance
Generating a Report
POWTS Owner's Manual / Management Plan Form
Reconnect / Repair permit form (effective 5/1/16)
Sanitary Non-plumbing - Privy (Outhouse) - Application and info
Permit application and info for: Outhouses, chemical toilets, incinerating toilets, portable privies, etc.
Sanitary Permit Renewal Application
Septic Evaluation Form
Septic Tank Maintenance Agreement
State Permit Application - SBD-6398

Zoning-Shoreland Information
Impervious Surface Regulations - Lincoln County
A handout explaining local regulations and how to calculate impervious surface coverage.
Impervious Surfaces - DNR Handout
An explanation of how impervious surfaces impact waterways.
Mitigation Guidebook
An explanation of when mitigation is required and how it is applied to shoreland projects.
Non-conforming Structure in Shoreland - info sheet
A summary of expansion opportunities for non-conforming structures in shoreland areas.
Rain Gardens
A homeowner's guide for developing rain gardens.
Setback Averaging Information
Inm "Shoreland" setback averaging from OHWM (ordinary high water mark) may apply.
Shoreland Restoration - A Growing Solution

This video provides information about vegetated shoreland buffers and a step-by-step guide to restoring a shoreland buffer on your property. You may contact shoreland zoning staff for additional assistance.
Shoreland Viewing Corridor
The Water's Edge
Helping fish & wildlife on your waterfront property.

Zoning Ordinances & Plans
To view Chapters please click here.
12.04 Non-metallic Mining
17 Zoning Code
18 Subdivision & Platting
20 Floodplain
21 Shoreland
22 Private Sewage Systems
Lincoln County is designing a new website that will be mobile friendly, feature rich, and easy to navigate. We're looking for high quality pictures from around the County to use as background images and were hoping you could help. The best photos will be displayed on the new website’s homepage! To submit photos, please email them to kat.hartwig@co.lincoln.wi.us and let us know what area of the County they’re from. Disclaimer: By submitting a picture, you warrant that your submission is not copyrighted and consent to its use by Lincoln County.
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